where have they been
we've been here waiting to be saved

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lonliness is fleeting

feeling lost today..

a rush from face to fingers.

too much caffeine and no direction.

so much laughter and not enough life.

it's sad how so much noise can make the silence feel lonely.

wanting to be buried in the living.

so i can blend in without having to breath.

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my wilde you amaze me.

Most people are other people.
Their thoughts are someone else's opinions,
their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

--Oscar Wilde



live or you will die

life is a few moments that i possess
why am i wasting them on superficial tasks-

friends are who i make them
& who make themselves to me-

why care so much about things i cannot control-

life is simple-
if i make it so.

things are good right now but wanting so much makes me feel worthless and small-

let go of those unnecessary times-items-& people

there is only so much life left
do what is needed to survive
and then you will thrive
then you can be content
then you will find yourself
then only will you be free

truth is only that which you make it

what do you want

but only in its most simple or extreme form-

stop thinking of the unattainable

i am what i create
i am only worthless if i feel that i am worthless

i want to get back to reality
i want to feel whole-

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