what you said
was so poetic--

i could see the words dance
out of your mouth as you spoke them--

your tone was so romantic and true-
the life you spoke of
reminded me of my own-in a more beautiful time -

i could see the world you spoke of and smell
the flowers in your hair


playing you

no need to remind me-

i once lived your life better
than you ever had-

i enjoyed being you-
though i did not enjoy
all the benefits of you--

why did you not want that?
-to be me being you?

did you not see it was a
good position to be in-
or was it that it was easier
to look in on yourself than to be it
everything looks appealing
on the surface-

-but if you turn over the chairs you'll
find the mold & decay from the rain
-if you look under the cushions - you'll
find the trash from yesterday of last month-
-if you look inside the people -you'll
find things aren't always as they seem


i love that you love me
but it's come to late
the moment has passed
and though i may be missing
out on something wonderful
i fear i must go on, alone
& willing to see what lies ahead

No Regrets..