i cry..

i cry because i know
you will leave

i cry because i cannot
stop you- because i am
not enough to make you stay-

i cry because i am thankful this
love has lasted so long

i cry because in your arms
i am comfortable and content

i cry because i know this
cannot last- and because i have known lonliness before

i cry because i fear myself-
because i will have no one to blame

i cry because life is so good
for only but a moment-and because i
have found happiness in you

i cry because i'm scared of what
is to come

i cry for you, for her, for life, for myself,
i cry for today

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can this goodbye be real

you said goodbye......

without tradgedy or balloons
no more than that- you left
with out a call- no words- no feelings-

redundant sunrises and sunsets - nothing changed
and then you called
with the saddest voice i could ever recognize

telling me not of your new world- but your love--
as you spoke-- my head broke and my heart swelled--
with regret and tears

..... i said goodbye with out believing it was all true