she could cry at any moment

--deep breaths, over and over--

the tears are there.
just below the surface
the pain is there.
just under the smile
you only like me when i smile
and only need me when you can't



new pillows
clean blankets
mattress flipped and turned
still i can feel where you slept

every time i close my eyes i see you in my bed
i can feel you next to me
i can hear your shallow breath

every time i close my eyes you're still here


you're beautiful and perfect and you always know how to charm..
then you leave, cause you're only a child and know nothing of promises.
it's sad until it isn't
when soaked pillows have finally dried.. you're seen for what you are.
a cheap imitation of the real thing.
a simple boy trying to become a man.

now, it's only sad that you're already everything you'll ever be.