3:12 am

except the squeaking of some windshield wipers against the almost damp window of an empty car.

the kind of silence the kind of bleak darkness that goes on for miles. the kind the movie showed you.

it is the eerie comfort.
that only being alone in an empty parking lot of fog can give.

it is the kind of cold that is tolerable and not too much to make you want to run.

this is the peace you wish you could feel at any moment of any day
this is the stillness you have in this minute.



what a perfect dream.

bigots and hilljacks.
white trash and the worthless.
the abundance of deceit provides a playground for carnage.
meth. suicide. babies. & death.
the lack of knowledge can be suffocating.
explosions. fires. guns. & sex.
the absence of care leads to dirty lives.

home sweet home.

it's hindering. it's painful. it's perfect.

this town will suck you in and keep you...

can you believe someone escaped.