look for me

you'll find me
caught between emotions
stranded somewhere in the midst of loneliness and hard times
i'll be there waiting for an out
for something or someone to turn it all around
i'll be there hoping for some reason to laugh, some reason to give a shit

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you like me

you like me because i'm complicated but less so than you think you are
you like me because you want to help me & because i let you sometimes
you like me because i'm social but like me better when we're alone
you like me because of those brief moments of normalcy i give you
you like me because i'm available for liking

i don't know that it's mutual
because you're a boy when i think i want a man


parking lot goodbyes

why do you make me feel this way
with that nervous feeling in my stomach

i knew what we were yesterday.
but today i miss you like the day you left for london

i can still smell you on me.
i can still feel your lips on my cheek.

in the same parking lot where you left me before.
this time it wasn't goodbye.

but it still hurt.