do you think anyone has ever been here..
with you. the one that could only be the one.
has it ever happened that someone was so desperate to live next to,
to breath in the scent of their beloved everyday, while that beloved has since lost all sentiment
for me.
do you think anyone has been this miserable..
pretending everyday that friendship is all i need from you.
pushing away the feelings, heartache and madness day after day
smiling, masking all my hopes, finding solace in the prospect that someday i won't have a choice,
that someday you'll be done with this friendship or that you'll learn the truth and run..
for now, though, i wallow in your smile, your mannerisms.. your quirks.
basking in trivial day to day tasks with you
clinging to any affection you give me
choking on whatever attention i get from you
a look, a petname, a morning cuddle
actions that you don't give a second thought to
they mean the world to me
you mean the world to me.
this is serious. i'm the only one torturing myself.