it's dark out

even in an hour of self pity and sadness
i'm brought to compassion
i'm brought to your side to comfort you
the one who has helped get me to this dark point,
to ease your pain. to tell you things will look brighter in the morning
to tell you that pain is fleeting. that love will come for you.
i'm to tell you of sunshine.
that same sunshine i'm refusing to see.
that same speech i'm wanting someone to tell me.
even in anger for you, sadness, frustration.
i still come to your side.
and you cry - you sob. because someone has done to you what you have done to me.
yet. you do not see my pain.
you won't let it be the same. when it is.


the first snow had just fallen,
we were walking home from the bar-
it was cold and dark but we didn't notice
at least they didn't
they were throwing their hearts at each other in frustrated screams
as i walked along in silence and envy
i knew that was it- they were the great love story i've read about
it was something i hadn't seen but in movies-
so much wanting, and needing and yearning for the other-
it was there in the street- settling over the first frost-
i think now & i wonder what will become of them-
of that love- will they bury it back inside of themselves because
it's not feasible- because they don't think it could work-
because things worth having take work-

i wonder if they even know how beautiful their love is.