it's dark out

even in an hour of self pity and sadness
i'm brought to compassion
i'm brought to your side to comfort you
the one who has helped get me to this dark point,
to ease your pain. to tell you things will look brighter in the morning
to tell you that pain is fleeting. that love will come for you.
i'm to tell you of sunshine.
that same sunshine i'm refusing to see.
that same speech i'm wanting someone to tell me.
even in anger for you, sadness, frustration.
i still come to your side.
and you cry - you sob. because someone has done to you what you have done to me.
yet. you do not see my pain.
you won't let it be the same. when it is.


Blogger rextheking said...

boy if I want to be depressed I know where to go, your blog get back to
church to new people other people that think differntly then you or are you worried that if you change your life the future may come there are many people in this world you need to step out of your comfort zone and meet people who have motivation and life without all the
crap and people who actually have values and value their friends

2:02 PM  

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