it's over

i can feel that this is over-
i'm sure you can too-

i think you always knew it
wouldn't be forever--
but i clung to my hope--

but now i can feel reality telling
me the truth-
& with no harsh baggage & not much suffering
i know it's over-

i want to miss you- but i don't



you looking at me

Trying to show the world
how my world looks

trying to make you believe things
are perfect on my side

looking at you-
looking at me-

hoping the view is picturesque
and that you don't see the pretending that's in me



she's so fragile
these days

i can see her
laughing, holding back her pain

she has learned to be careful
because people are not
entirely good & life is
not at all, easy to come by

she has been hurt-
abused by those she most trusted

now- she loves less & cries more
i see her slowly crumbling-

she's to frail to be real