jumbled thoughts

i wish you would come home just so i can see the look in your eye
so i can read your heart by your melted face

my feelings....

anomosity unattended becomes a dangerous weapon.

i miss you when you're mad at me.
it's the saddest part.


someday we think it all may be better, someday we say it will be stress free and easy

it's hard to imagine that day will ever come

home is where your heart was

in this tiny home with all our books, our clothes, our things
we share so much space, we share so much time, we share so much
we love so much
so much that it's all over, there's so little room and so many emotions,
it can get crowded
over time, it's less about the love and more about expectation
sensitivity has become a problem,
with so much sprawled out, of you, of me..
it's easy to trip over feelings, walk on things you can't see,
insecurties you didn't know were kept there, assumptions you didn't know were made
it's easy to fail, it's easy to hurt, it's easy to forget there ever was love at all
maybe we need a bigger home