You knocked on my door to wake me and let me know you were leaving
(I’ve been woken up to goodbyes far too many times in this life)

I stepped out of my room-the world was blurry -then you hugged me-

We talked of petty things to keep our minds off of the moment-
I made us cheesy eggs and followed you around-

You knocked a glass on the floor
then gave me the flip flops off of your feet
so I wouldn't step in the broken pieces- -

The time we had was last minute packing on your part, for me,
last minute realizations that you were really going to leave--

Then it was time-

I saw you saying goodbye with your eyes
as I felt tears well up in mine I held them back-
knowing you only wanted smiles-

I was still smiling as you were driving away –
hoping you couldn’t see the tears dripping off my cheek

--You left me your playboy collection and a half empty bottle of rum

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