in the dark

i just turned it down
but it's still
screaming in my ear--

in the dark -all things are loud

i can hear you breathing -
even though you're not here

want to be nearer to you-
though you are a stranger

i've had a couple- but
is that really the basis for all
these thoughts-
must be something deeper--

can it be?-
you are my oldest friend-
and my newest self?

still loud - now sadder-
singing in my head--
wish i could turn it down-
it won't let me--
block out the lonliness


Blogger rextheking said...

no matter where i go i am there so i am alone and always will be i can not make the connection except on line how now will i ever be with the one the is my other part as socrates says

1:31 PM  

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