as the odium begins

sitting in front of you-
watching unbearable truths & slanders drip
from your mouth-
as the odium begins to gather on the floor
I drag my legs up into the chair-
holding, pulling them so tightly-my knees dig into
my ribs – as to not let the
malice that drips from your teeth-
into the forming puddle below – come near me

as the hatred builds on the floor so do the tears and
anger inside my head-

till I can’t take it – till I can’t pretend to not believe it-
till I drop my feet and wallow in my shame—
standing in it- accepting it- accepting myself for what you
see – and not for who I thought I was just minutes before..


Blogger tracietm9 said...

all your poems are really good...keep writing and i hope things get better

3:49 PM  

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