thoughts on death

nobody wants to die?
in all honesty -
how real is life if it's something we can end in a quick
but does it really end in a moment -
is it a process you start and then grow to regret
you lay there
feeling the pain
it starts to numb you
then there is the overwhelming feeling of relief
so are you finished
do you want to end your life now that you've numbed the
pain- for now-
you see the blood
you've felt the hurt
you know you've punished yourself
death is a process but can you stop it once you start it
do you feel so numb that you don't try to stop the bleeding -
that you just lucidly feel the blood flow out-
draining you of life-
of problems
of sadness
the pain is gone -
why stop now


Blogger rextheking said...

that is so sad you seem to have no hope that there is more than meets the eye if this is all there is to life i would agree but i have a hope i have a future Jesus guarentees that and if i don't I will still have led a great life, my hope is also based on evidence

4:09 PM  

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