a dramatic letter

a letter you'll never get- a note you'll never read- just so it's clear- i will get over you- i will let go- let me go- to 'rest in pieces'- i'm done trying with you- i've lost my nerve and my heart-- my heart, my heart?- it's withered - it still beats- but barely- - but my justice- my peace- is knowing i will love again- my heart will beat for another- i will go on to love another day- you've toyed with my emotions for far too long- and i with yours but it's over- it is finally done- those words may have been spoken many times before-but this game- this fucking sadistic game- i give up- you win - i lose - i LOSE- i've lost so much of myself in the pursuit of you- but now i'm free from what you are- from what you make me when i'm about you- find another mind to fuck with- mine is now my own-i'll no longer lay down and die for you- i refuse - i'm done with you - leave me be- you've done your damage- i've bled all i can for you - you have drained me- and yet you still want more--
i've had all my mind can handle but honestly my heart still wants more so i must be strong and i will be- i really will be this time around- hope your next mind fuck
is a good one- sincerely- me

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