the beat is lost

thoughts flowing in my head
to a rythmn that can't be said
words i can't cease to think
proverbs i can't let go

beats of a clock

flows from the radio-
playing in my mouth

dreaming of concepts i can not grasp
and poems i've never heard -
my mind is flowing, floating
spitting forth new ideas
old memories
new destinations
for me to explore

my hand moves to the beat
that is never ending

the heartbeat that is playing in my head
begs me to dance with it

i can't move -
stabalized by the many
words strapping me to the floor
can't see
blurred vision
words passing through my eyes

the rythmn
the rythmn
has caught me tounge tied

my ears ring spoken tounges
that i cannot unfold

my heart is pounding harder
and deeper with every word...

i feel my body wants to explode
with wisdom of past lives
and future times

i can't think clearly
everything is moving so fast
in and out of consiousness

dizziness makes my head pound-
wanting to escape the things i shouldn't have paused on

laying my involved mind to death
would be my only release-
my only freedom-



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