the foolishness, the fear,
the drug of death
they are all slashing and bashing
in my head- will i die from this -
will i lie here unable to control
my fate- helplessly slipping away-

vulnerability is my downfall-
i am unable to fight death which
smothers me- will i see tomorrow?

as life laughs in my face- i weep
for it though it mocks me-
hating my purpose- i am
scared- and cannot move- maybe it
is because i do not want to move
i wonder if it would be better to
leave- slip coldly away- unnoticed and
unfazed by my timely demise


Blogger rextheking said...

oh death is not mocked nor is it for certain ones death comes to all
big or small
each breath is on less we have
will we ever be free
yes but only if we let ourselves
be free in

3:04 PM  

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