this man

his eyes are vivid and alive
but he is the blindest fucking man i could ever fathom

he smothers truth and chokes reality

his apathy for my feelings makes me sick-

how much YOU pretend to care and then
you blow your benevolence to the unkindly, cold wind

knowing deep down your narcissism is all
that motivates your deviant nature-
while you parade around like some
ancient saint stuck in your ways
with your mind closed to any idea or emotion
but your own-


your mask does fool far too many but i see
through it- as i am sure i am the only one that can-
as you smite all that is true and go on in your
unjust ways-

remember you do not fool all-
for i am one and as lonley as only one may be-
i will not forget about your true hatred and
self centeredness and someday when the day
comes as it will, when other people are healed
from their too, blindness, i will be there
to bask in your downfall

i only wish it would come sooner
as i know i can not help it along-
no one would believe me if i told them-
they must find out on their own-
i can not be their savior
as well as HE can not be saved

he can never change


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