i'm so sorry i lied
it hurts so bad inside
i wanna tell you but
i don't know how-
i feel like dieing here
lying here on the floor
it would be easier than telling you
because then you would still love me- if you
knew you'd hate me-cause right now i hate
myself- i feel so dirty & wrong

you're my solace in lifes
but if you knew the truth
you'd cast me out among the rest-
i need to tell you -
you have to know-
i can't be content until you see the true me-
filthy & unclean as
i may seem



Blogger rextheking said...

oh I felt that but knew the Lord knew of my past and my very fears and hopes my downfalls still he came in and loved me as I was and took upon himself my failures what a relief

12:11 PM  

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