it was a time when my ribs ached from hard floors and uneven beds..
i slept where i could..

i had decided many months before that this would be good for me..
the vagrant life.. but with employment..
my friends had offered what the could in the way of temporary housing..
and actually they seemed happy i was doing it, as if they knew it would be easy for me.. and honestly it was.. i wasn't always comfortable, and i never felt like i had anything to do in the way of past-times.. but it was easy.
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my belongings that i managed to keep were spread throughout the city, in different friends storage spaces and homes.. so i never felt like i had a home to call my own, even if i was staying in the same place for a couple months at a time.

all my friends were really accommodating, and i rarely felt like a bother. i tried to carry my own weight in the way of chores and cooking meals to repay my hosts for the couch.

after some time it felt lonely, having no predetermined destination every night. sometimes my friends had guests in from out of town, or in the hopes of getting lucky would ask me if i could find somewhere else for the night. it started to feel silly, so i looked for some places to sublet, but things never really seemed as good as i had it, because they weren't. how was i going to beat not paying rent?..

so i went on being homeless and things seemed to even out and i got into a routine of places to sleep.. and before i knew it i was doing really well
i was eight months into my year and i just got a second job and was staying in a friends apartment a block away from my new employment, nothing seemed wrong in the world.

well things went on that way and of course they didn't stay as perfect..

but the problems that occurred don't matter today as i wake up from sleeping on a hardwood floor with my achy bones and sore ribs.. i'm happy, i have a home today.. things feel bright.


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