always sad..

they're always sad.. 
i think it runs in the family..
he says he eats pills all day to keep away the hurt.. she says there's always whiskey
she takes in the libations to change who she is, to keep the pain out of view, and to make others smile, so she can forget she's not..
he says he's happy if he has no emotion, if he just doesn't think, if he's good at what he does he feels he deserves the right to dose his senses

they appear to be unfazed by the judgments of others, but they both hurt so much
abandoned one way or another by their parents
shunned by main stream society.. they ache for acceptance
they beg for freedom from their burdens, from their pasts' 

some day.. 
is all they have.. 
but who can see hope when it seems there's none
when happiness has never felt real, what is there to try for


Blogger rextheking said...

why not point them to the only place there is that they can find relief in the son of God

12:55 PM  

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