no explanation

sometimes i wonder if i can feel anything..
i feel so numb inside..
i'm continually feeling less attached to those that care for me.
they seem distant when they're so close, or is it i who am so far away..

lately all i can think of is love.
i have now decided i believe in love.
in the many different kinds of love i have always known,
but i am speaking of real gut wrenching love.
and yet i'm growing colder everyday.

there is a shaking in my bones
a trembling.
i wonder if things are about to start..
is life about to get real.. i don't know.. something must come of this


Blogger rextheking said...

you should know love you have it in your dad and your God your dad shows you all the love he can he is human after all but, he loves you and prays for you and wants you to find something real in your life you have always tap danced around Jesus give him a real try in your life and I bet Adam would try with you ILOVEYOUSOMUCH

12:58 PM  

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