there is no answer

there are secrets lurking around every corner..

oh the things you think you know about someone..

that boy in your bed. has been my boy...

that girl you thought you knew.. tells me things that would make you weep.

what do your parents do when you're not around.. you could never imagine..

everyone is more of a lie than you thought.

friendships are only an effort to feel loved.. to feel wanted and accepted..
friendships are kept to keep from loneliness..

are you really happy with the things you do..
the actions you take to make others happy..
with the things they do to make themselves happy...
with the problems and lies you know exist but refuse to believe

this world is disgusting..
but what can someone do..
what is there to do..

helping makes you look pathetic..
not caring and pretending not to care makes you a hypocrite..

ignoring it makes things go smoothly..
but then things never feel right in the end..

those awkward situations didn't used to be so awkward..
those good times.. used to be genuine..

so better yourself.. and avoid everyone?
who are you impressing with your knowledge..
there is a reason you are trying so hard.. there is a purpose..

motives exist in even the tiniest of movements..

there is no answer..
i know nothing..
i have no answers..
we are all lost..
and all damned.

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