this place is a wasteland..
you said it so perfectly

words these people don't like to hear..

we are all selfish and souless..
lonley and lost..
yet we don't try to look to each other for solace..

just good times that mean nothing
how can someone say they love me
when they know nothing about me..

i'm trying hard to not say those words
but people have expectations
people feed on your warmth
they dine on your empathy and give you nothing for your kindness

this place is savage
these people hungry beasts
these people that i call home..

you said we are all lonely
and it's true..
i'm sad and i feel it daily
but yet i've forgotten how to listen
how to care..
i have taken you for granted
as i do myself

i have forgotten how to be a 'good' person
but i have learned how to fake it

i have adjusted to this empty way of life..
i see so many other people live this life
that i begin to think that this is normal
this is how the world is supposed to be
void of true feeling

i have managed to become the person i didn't want to be
and i hadn't fully realized it..
it's not as though i had been completely oblivious of it..
but i just didn't think anyone noticed

everyone else is so wrapped up in theirselves
in their lonliness

you are right- you are..
not about everything........just about me..

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