all the pieces


i see the pieces-

the pieces of us
of her- of him
of them

the things we never wanna forget
the things we'll never remember

as simple as
you sitting there

as ordinary as me sitting here--

watching waiting hoping-

how often things go unnoticed
how often i pretend to remember

walking i see
the rocks that cover where things once were-

where there was tracks there were trains-
did we really forget- can the rocks the gravel hide our history

i pass the pieces everyday-

things we'll never forget
things we'll never remember

the pieces laying on the streets
the pieces of you on my floor
the pieces she left inside of you-

how often we move on -
forgetting those things that once mattered so much-

time is a disease-
that we can never cure-

the mind holds so much
but our heart so little

i almost forget to look-
i almost forget i'm tripping .. over the pieces

the pieces the man left behind
the pieces within you within him

the things we once knew and felt and believed

the things only time can kill


the pieces float by me-
looking to find the pieces

is the only way to see them

there are pieces written on the walls
the walls you pass by on your way to work
the walls that you forget to see

pieces of our history-
of our now-
pieces you remember to forget

things you'll do -
things you always thought you'd be

that girl- the one standing next to you-
she once knew how things would turn out
how things would finish

that girl - the one dancing
the one forgetting-

that girl
that's forgotten

that girl that's forgotten by you
by him- by her- by them

by me

so many pieces
some big some small
pieces that fade with time-
pieces that only our future forgets

such as those rocks that cover the tracks-
where trains once heaved-
they will disappear

they will be smashed into earth-
as you stumble over them

as you fall over the pieces
the pieces you will never notice
the pieces you want to forget

those rocks that cover the tracks
those seemingly small pieces of time

those rocks that cover the tracks
will someday
..just be rocks


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