it seemed you knew me better than i knew myself..
but now.. now you've put me in the shadows.. and i've grown weary.. i love you. i care what you think. what you say.. but me ..
you won't listen.. you don't care to understand..
you tell me 'she's changed' but do you actually wanna notice that i have too.. as a person as a whole.. not just in correlation to your personal life..
we used to talk.. about everything.. i hazily remember you caring what i felt.. but it's so far gone that it's hard to feel that warmth.. that love that you once had for me..
you say nothing's changed but yet whenever i try to express myself.. when i'm just trying to be honest with you..
you say i'm being silly or dramatic or some form of over the top when i'm really just trying to be heard.. just striving for that ear i once had.. that open forum that i felt comfortable in.. now i tiptoe around my words to try to make them as subtle as possible..
so that maybe you'll listen to me.. so maybe i'll be heard.. but even then my word is discarded as jealousy or theatrics..
i don't know how to be me, with you, anymore..
i don't know that being me with you is going to work anymore..
this isn't healthy..
this isn't what we had..
we're not even able to move into a new phase of friendship because you're so stuck thinking i'm the same person i was last year.. last month.


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