the day after

i chose this cake
so i guess i must eat from it.

things would be simpler, if people were different.

but how does that happen.
do you choose your friends
do they choose you?
are the cosmos pulling us together

why can't i tell some people the truth
when i shout it in the face of others

this is who you are, this is who you could be.
this is who i am. this is who i want to be.

it seems simple in theory,
but when faced against those giants
you know the ones, their competitive, always right, always making assumptions
but of course all the while maintaining somewhat of a humble facade.

i'm homeless and happy.
i'm house-less and craving comfort.
i've found no secret to contentment
i've only had peace, piece by piece.

what do i want,
i've ideas, but no sure promise.

i have much to do
but no motivation and to many complaints.

it's a new year. a new breed of change.
and yet. i feel used. bored. wasted. petty.

well, there's always tomorrow. and the day after.


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