running in the streets

running through the streets of Chicago
where everyone is pretending to be something their not

on the red line to a party i wonder if they are the same
so many stories so many secrets are hiding in here-
on the blue line- trying to get farther from home

we look like a parade - twenty of us walking looking confused
and excited- two by two here we come-
for that's all the street will allow-

so cold i can see your breath- but things are happy
and nothing can be too wrong tonight

looking like whores and sluts- we dance around - stealing-spilling-
dealing laughs and stares-

new people- old friends- could things be any better-
beautiful people are in abundance- beer is free and flowing
find a cup and you can join- for a small piece of your dignity
nothing is off limits-

boys in skirts- chicks with dicks-
let's dance and drink and smoke- these are the times
the best times- if we can say that- if we have that-

running in the streets- complaining from the cold- and feeling lost-
this is truely the best of what we have-

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