She was the kind of person that found relevant and identifiable material in every song she heard, movie she watched and book she read. She always felt like everything could be about her life, no matter the story line. Her mood was so shifty and her dreams likely to change on a whim that she never felt tied to a specific personality type or plight in life. She found ways to relate with every archetype she came across, no matter gender, age or status. I still haven’t decided if this made me think she was sad or interesting.

When I first came across her she was with friends in the window booth of a small hole in the wall pizza place that had a rock and roll motif. I noticed her immediately upon entering, not because she was especially stunning but because she looked out of place. I had only been in this town for a short while, but long enough to notice that this town had a shortage of genuine people, people who are not living to impress others with their stories.


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